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Know someone that could use a website? Or perhaps, you finally convinced a friend or family member to upgrade their existing site. Send them my way!

By joining my Referral Program, you’ll be able to earn up to $125 per referral. Terms and conditions apply.

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How my referral program works

It's three simple steps:

Sign-up to participate in my Referral Program below by providing your name, your email, and if you want  your rewards to be paid via Amazon® Gift Card, Zelle®, CashApp®, or Venmo® by PayPal.

Refer your friends or family member to me by sending them to a special contact page where they will provide their contact information, details about their project, and your name as the referral! Please instruct them to provide your first AND last name.

If your referral hires me to build their website, you will get paid your reward within 24 hours of your referral paying their deposit on the project.

Terms and Conditions

Your referral must formally hire me and pay their project deposit for you to receive your reward. Please understand that not all projects will be accepted and there may be times where I turn away your referral or refer them to one of my partners. If your referral does not hire me, you will not a reward gift from me.

Simple Rewards Scale

$1000 – $1500 $50
$1501 – $2000 $75
$2000 – $2500 $100
$2500 and over $125

No limits to rewards

Send me 1 person a year or send me 10 in a quarter! There’s no limit to how many of your friends and family you can refer to me for website design and development services.

Quick Payouts

You will be paid your full reward within 24-48 hours of your referral submitting their project deposit. In some cases, you may be paid on the very same day.

Current clients can participate, too!

If you are a current client of mine, you can also participate in my Referral Program! You qualify as a current client if you requested any maintenance or development service in the past 12 months. Current clients may have their reward applied as a credit to their monthly services fee or future a la carte service.

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