MD Aesthetica

MD Aesthetica is a full-service medical spa providing injectable, skincare, and cryotherapy treatments in Houston. Revamped in the fall of 2020.

MD Aesthetica

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About This Project

I revamped the original MD Aesthetica Medspa website back in 2017. I did another overhaul in early 2020 for the purposes of improving call-to-action and accessibility. After my client Alex got inspired by the website of an Australian skin care chain, he asked me to upgrade the site again in late 2020.

Maintaining the focus on call-to-action and accessibility, I tweaked the presentation to incorporate a funnel-like process. For example, on the homepage, they are encourage to click the call-to-action button to select a concern or service. There’s also an extensive Common Concerns page where typical skin and cosmetic concerns are mapped to pre-existing pages that detail particular services.

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