Gorilla Dog Beds

Gorilla Dog Beds makes premium crate/kennel pads and dog beds for four-legged friends of all shapes and sizes. Their store is powered by WooCommerce and was built in 2018.

Gorilla Dog Beds

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About This Project

One of my former SEO agency partners referred Houston-based Gorilla Dog Beds to me for the conversion of their site from Big Commerce to WordPress. Big Commerce is a decent e-commerce platform, but it lacks the SEO friendliness of a WordPress + WooCommerce set up.

It was a collaborative effort between the owners of Gorilla Dog Beds and myself, where they had a few elements they wanted to maintain from Big Commerce while I had a few suggestions to create a much more customer-friendly experience.

Customers love shopping on Gorilla Dog Beds’ site and with their new digital advertising partners they hired in 2019, were able to triple the size of their business within just 15 months.

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