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About Cody Half-Moon

From HalfMoon-Media.com:

Cody Half-Moon has served almost every major industry, marketing, consulting, and writing for her clients in oil and gas, print publications, biotech, commercial services, insurance, art, music, real estate, and even freelance writing. No matter the focus, Cody can apply her knowledge and skills in SEO, SMO, UX Design, UI Design, brand management, content writing, and more to help her clients find their voice in marketing.

In 2014, after a successful career working as a writer, lead change manager, and marketing consultant, Cody began taking on various side projects in strategy consulting, content writing, search engine optimization, and even design. After several years, she decided to create Half-Moon Media, LLC as a hub for her business.

Her clients now include local restaurants, florists, authors, designers, service companies, wellness coaches, and more. Cody’s business and the team behind Half-Moon Media has grown, and the business has continued to improve and expand its services. With a passion to help small and medium-sized companies achieve greatness through marketing, Half-Moon Media can help you understand your brand, create a plan, and find success.